J.S. Aremu-Cole
The Laws of Thinking are a part of what is known as Cosmic laws, which means that they are true everywhere and, in all planes, physical, mental, and spiritual. We looked at the Law of Substitution in the last posting. Today we are discussing the law of circulation.

The Law of Circulation says THAT CONSTANT AND RHYTHMICAL MOVEMENT IS NECESSARY FOR HEALTH AND HARMONY. Some phenomena are easier to understand by considering their opposites. This is one such.
The opposite of circulation is stagnation, congestion, or obstruction. We can therefore restate this law by saying that stagnation, congestion, or obstruction is not conducive to health and harmony.

All sicknesses, disharmonies, or trouble of any kind are due to some form of congestion. The illness we call constipation is a result of eating and not eliminating it. Most inflammatory diseases are caused by blockages and congestion of the nerve, blood, and lymphatic fluids.
Similarly, many mental illnesses are due to mental congestion or blockages. For example, bottled-up feelings and emotions are responsible for much of the emotional sicknesses experienced by people today. Anger, anxiety, schizophrenia, psychosis, depression, and many others are caused by emotional and mental congestion.
In the socio-economic realm, for example, much of global poverty is caused by a lack of circulation or distribution of available resources. Some have more than they need, refusing to release the excess while others are starving. The problem is usually not in the overall quantity available but in distribution.
On the international level, considering the aggregate of resources available worldwide, it is obvious that there is enough to go around, but while a part of the world has, consumes, and wastes so much, another part lives in abject poverty. Therefore, circumventing the law of circulation is partly responsible for the level of global poverty.
At the intellectual level, many students of the university of life shut their minds to the reception of new ideas, or hold on to their old ways so tenaciously, causing mental congestion, and leading to failure to make the desired progress in life.
Let me suggest to you a way to apply these laws: Practice the law of circulation two to three times every week by deliberately and consciously releasing bottled-up feelings, forgiving others and yourself, freely expressing your emotions, and generally ensuring that you do not cause any congestion or bottleneck in any area of your life.
Now that we have considered two important laws of thinking: the law of substitution and the law of circulation, all you need to do is apply them. First, substitute discouraging, negative thoughts with positively confident thoughts, and do not bottle up emotions or hold grudges. Instead, practice advanced forgiveness, which means, being prepared to forgive even before the offense occurs. You can then begin to think right and enjoy the benefits of thinking.
Remain blessed, brethren.

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