Let us conclude this seminar with these challenging thoughts and questions, which I believe will bolster your understanding and application of the lessons learned.


Why do some people work so hard and fail, while others appear to work so little and yet succeed?


The answer is thinking and setting goals. Those who think succeed, while those who do not think to fail.

Those who set goals succeed while those with no goal are destined to fail, however hard they work.

Illustration:  Analyze and evaluate these small-scale businesses/trades in light of our lectures.

  1. a) Motorcycle taxi aka ‘Okada’, b) Yahoo-yahoo boys, c) Roadside Vulcanizer d) The Roadside building material merchant, e) Food hawker alias ‘Mama Put’ or the ‘Akara’ frier.


Is there a formula for success?


Yes, and it is so simple that 95% of people miss it.  Here is the formula: WE BECOME WHAT WE THINK ABOUT ALL THE TIME. Think of success all the time and you cannot but succeed. Think of failure all the time and failure is inescapable.


Why and how does the formula work?


It works because there is a power in the universe that converts/transforms desires into realities. This is the same power that makes a seed dropped on the ground grow and produce multiple fruits with no effort from the farmer. A farmer’s effort is usually only to increase the yield, but the power to produce the fruit lies entirely with nature. (Consider natural means of seed dispersal and propagation in the wild)

The mind works like the soil as we pointed out in the lecture on the mind. Keeping your mind always focused on your desire is the equivalent of keeping the seed in the soil without digging it up every time to check its progress.

Remember that your miracle-working subconscious mind represents the soil while your thought or desire is the seed.

What you plant is what you reap. Plant thoughts of wealth and reap wealth, or plant thoughts of poverty and reap poverty in your experience. Worry, doubt, fear and other negative attitudes and emotions disrupt the growth to fruition of your desires.  Therefore, always keep your mind on your goals with an attitude of faith long enough for God to do His job.

When you plant a seed, you don’t worry about whether it will get enough heat, moisture, air, nutrients, etc.  The soil knows what to do and doesn’t need your help.  Do the same with your goal or desire.  Plant it in your mind and keep it planted. Every needed resource like a startup and operating capital, location, advice, etc. will be taken care of by this power in the universe that

A case study of this phenomenon: Locating the site of the first WOFBI classes in Kaduna as narrated by Bishop Oyedepo.  Another is how the vision conceived at ORU transmutes into CU.  These testimonies are classic examples of how the power of God in the universe transmutes a desire/vision into reality with no input from the visioner.


If it is so simple, why don’t people use it?


The first and most important reason is ignorance. Most people are not even aware that they have a mind, much less what the mind does, and how to use it, and ignorance of use inevitably leads to abuse.

The second reason is that our minds come free as standard equipment at birth, and free things are often unappreciated.

Many free things in life like air, family, our bodies, and our mind are often taken for granted. Now that you know the importance of your mind, appreciate it, and use it for your success.

Hopefully, these lectures have given you a glimpse into how your mind works, and how you can begin to tap its power for your success.   Go ahead therefore and apply it for your success.

Discussion: What is it that you want in life? I’m not asking you what you want. Note the difference. While one is specific, the other is general.   Do you want to become the president of your country? A professor, or a world-renowned inventor like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs?

Then plant that seed in your mind, remain focused, and don’t dig it up by doubting its possibility.


Define the one thing you’ll rather be or become above every other in life. Focus on it without doubting or wavering.

Care for it by excluding all negativities and, very importantly, take the appropriate actions prompted by your subconscious and let that power in the Universe bring it to pass for you.  The law of sowing and reaping is as immutable as the law of gravity.


This is not an invitation to be lazy and daydream your life away. The composition of this audience assures me that I don’t need to dwell on this caveat.

Bonus Point.

Saving as a Step Towards Success.

In closing, let me say a word about saving. Every success story contains elements of saving; whether it is a clerk saving money for college or an illiterate shopkeeper saving time to attend adult education classes, or an employee saving money to start his own business. Saving is a form of investment, and the amount of money or time saved is not as important as the habit of saving that you develop. It is also proof that you are disciplined enough to sacrifice today’s pleasures for a better tomorrow.

For example, when you spend time studying for an online diploma instead of watching Facebook or YouTube videos, you are saving.  Therefore, whatever it takes, please cultivate the habit of saving. It could be your first step towards success in life.



Every day, spend a designated amount of time at a designated time of day at a designated spot/place with a pen and a blank sheet with your goal boldly written on top.  As you come up with fresh ideas daily, write them down and bring them up in your thoughts (meditate) as often as possible during the day. Imagine that just ten minutes a day adds up to five hours a month or 60 hours a year of concentrated thinking on your pre-determined goal. You will be amazed at the progress you could make in a week, a month, or in three months.

If you want to increase your allotted time, do so only if you know you will not have to reduce it again. Better not to increase than to later need to reduce that time.  Remember the length of time allocated is not as important as cultivating the habit. Ten to twenty minutes out of 24 hours appears a small sacrifice to make for your success in life. The key here is consistency.

With this said, I will not be wishing the best of luck as is customary in our part of the world. If you have followed and imbibed this philosophy, you know there is nothing like luck. You become what you think about all the time. What you sow is what you reap, and it is always done unto you according to your belief (faith).

Thank you all for listening.

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